Bankers Alliance is excited to announce its first annual Bank Compliance Leader Award. Banks will have the opportunity to recognize an individual in their institution who has had a positive impact not only as a compliance leader within the bank, but also the community and industry as a whole.

Four compliance officers will be selected to receive the Award, one from each of the following regions:
  • Mountain Region: Includes  banks headquartered in Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, North Dakota, South Dakota, and New Mexico. 
  • Central Region: Includes  banks headquartered in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. 
  • Eastern Region: Includes banks headquartered in Michigan, Georgia, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina.  
  • Texas Region: Includes banks headquartered in Texas.

Recipients will receive:  

  • Individualized recognition in Bankers Alliance’s Access Magazine, newsletter, and other press releases.  
  • A digital badge representing the B/A Bank Compliance Leader Award, which recipient may display across professional and/or social media platforms.


  • Nominee must have at least five (5) years’ experience in banking compliance (at the time of nomination). 
  • Nominee should not hold the position of bank President, CEO, or board director. 
  • Nomination must be made by the bank president, CEO, board director, or member of senior management. 
  • Only one nomination per bank charter. 
  • Cannot nominate self or any employee of Bankers Alliance, Compliance Alliance, or Review Alliance.  
  • A completed nomination form signed by the bank President, CEO, board director, member of senior management, their State Bankers Association or a compliance officer per. 
  • A link to Nominee’s current LinkedIn profile.


Deadline for submissions is February 29th, 2024.